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AdAge: More Hispanic and Golf, but Less Business and College Titles

Edited by: Ann Marie Kerwin

More Hispanic and Golf, but Less Business and College Titles
NEW YORK ( -- Hispanic publications have grown in number more than any other category over the past 10 years, according to the latest edition of The Standard Periodical Directory, released this week.

If you want a snapshot of changing consumer trends, a quick trip through the directory can give you a view of what people in North America want to read, and quite often, what they are in the market for. The directory includes 55,809 magazines, journals, newspapers, newsletters, directories and yearbooks, including 3,665 which are available exclusively online or via e-mail. Other categories with significant growth in the number of titles in the last 10 years include weddings, golf and interior design.

329 Hispanic titles
Periodicals aimed at Hispanic readers in the U.S. and Canada grew to 329 titles in 2006 from 124 titles in 1996, the directory shows. That reflects the rapid expansion of the Hispanic population in the U.S., although Hispanic publications at the national level are only beginning to show the kind of segmentation that characterizes general-market publishing.

“We see tremendous growth in Hispanic periodicals, with an increasing number of regional publications, such as Tu Ciudad Los Angeles and Ser Magazine in Laredo, Texas"... more

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